A gentle refining scrub that removes impurities and dead skin cells; skin is left soft and hydrated. Ideal prior to any body treatment or massage.

30 minutes: €55


This exceptional Skin-Softening Body Exfoliation combines Sea Salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage.

40 minutes: €70




Aromatherapy essential oils combined with high pressure water jets melt away stress and calm your senses. Select from a choice of Detoxifying, Energising, Fitness, Resistance, Restorative or Soothing.

30 minutes: €50

AROMA BATH TUB JOURNEY with Underwater Massage

Underwater Massage is a great way to achieve a deep massage all over the body. The treatment helps reduce cellulite and improve circulation leaving the body renewed and invigorated. Select from a choice of Detoxifying, Energising, Fitness, Resistance, Restorative or Soothing Aromatherapy Bath Oil Blends to increase the therapeutic benefits.

30 minutes: €60

Body Detox


Our supervised Thermae Experience is a sequence of Greco-Roman Thermae Heat Rooms, with the added benefit of a beautiful Hammam and Sauna true to the classical bathing rituals of cleansing and relaxation. Progressively increasing in temperature whilst moderated by cooling showers and ice shavings, the experience includes:

Laconium: With low humidity, heat is provided through a stove and heated ceramic walls and benches. This initiates the detoxifying process.

Caldarium: Helping to benefit the respiratory system and softening the skin, the temperature and humidity is not as hot and steamy as a modern steam room.

Sauna: The hottest of the heat rooms, the traditional Finnish sauna has a hand-built stone oven providing a dry heat, assisting the process of eliminating toxins

Hammam: With its ornate dome of traditional coloured glass creating beams of multi coloured light, the Hammam is a traditional middle-eastern ritual of cleansing and detoxification.

Frigidarium or Showers: Cooling showers are taken between the Heat Rooms and the Frigidarium provides ice shavings to enhance the cooling process, stimulating circulation and refreshing the body between heat experiences.

Tepidarium: Completing the experience is the Tepidarium Room with heated loungers, to relax and unwind your body and mind.

75 minutes: 45 EUR

* Minimum 6 Persons – please allow 2 hours notice.


Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all, this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp, making it the ideal treatment for anyone. Includes: Back Exfoliation & Hot Stone Back Massage – Personalised Facial – Scalp Massage

90 minutes: €160


An indulgent Body Treatment to melt away tension and bring your body and mind back into harmonious balance. The treatment begins with Body Brushing & Exfoliation to soften the skin; an indulgent Massage follows, using nourishing essential oils to soothe tired, aching muscles. Finally, a comforting Head Massage with gentle stretching allows you to relax and unwind.
Includes: Body Scrub – Body Massage – Scalp Massage – Hot Stones (optional)

Without Stones – 90 minutes: €140
With Stones – 2 hours: €160


This treatment combines a Body Wrap & Massage to restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to body and spirit.
Following Body Exfoliation, a Marine Algae or Mud Wrap is applied and the scalp gently massaged. Once you have taken a refreshing shower, a tailor-made Aromatherapy Massage takes place, leaving you with a sense of well-being, cleansed and revitalised. Choose from the following:
Detoxifier, De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energiser, Body Toner

Includes: Body Exfoliation – Algae or Mud Wrap – Scalp Massage – Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour 55 minutes: €150


Following and salt & oil body exfoliation with your choice of Relaxing, Invigorating or Detoxifying ingredients a Marine Algae or Mud wrap is applied to the body. Indulge in a smoothing scalp massage whilst cocooned before taking a refreshing shower. The treatment is concluded with a hydrating body lotion.

Includes: Body Exfoliation – Algae or Mud Wrap – Scalp Massage – Hydration

60 minutes: €110


A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. Using potent marine extracts, iced mitts, a Deep Detoxifying Massage and specialised Stomach Massage techniques to help cleanse and purify the colon, giving excellent results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.

Includes: Skin Brush – Detoxifying Salt & Oil Scrub – Detoxifying Massage to specific area – specialised Colonic Massage techniques

60 minutes: €99