Upon arriving for your tee time which has been confirmed to you in writing by Aphrodite Hills Golf Club during the period of the Covid-19 outbreak, you agree that your entering of the Golf facilities is at your own risk, and agree to adhere to all restrictions mentioned below as well as any further information that is given verbally to you on site by members of Aphrodite Hills Golf Club staff.




The re-opening of courses and any facilities will be done in a responsible manner, with the priority being the issues of public health and safety.


  • Opening Hours: 7:00 – 19:30.
  • Driving range open.
  • Proshop will be open for bookings & check-in, retail is available. Loitering is strictly prohibited. The minimum required distance between persons is 2 meters.
  • Face masks will always be worn by the front desk team at all times. All guests and children over the ages of 6 years are required to wear a face mask at all times within the facilities and public areas of the resort, as per Governments Protocol (31st July 2020).
  • As a preventive measure, the body temperature of all guests entering the reception area will be checked.
  • The below measures will be in force as per KOA instructions:
    • Exercise in the sport (Adults) is permitted provided that the client presents a “Safe Pass” upon check- This can be in the form of one of the following: a negative laboratory test or rapid antigen detection test for COVID-19 that is performed with sampling performed within 7 days, or a vaccination certificate for COVID-19 disease with at least one dose, provided that three weeks have elapsed since the date of vaccination, or evidence of release in the case of persons infected with COVID-19, and provided that no six months have elapsed since the date of sampling of their initial positive diagnosis.
    • Exercise / training for (Juniors) 12- to 17-year-olds requires either a negative laboratory test or rapid antigen detection test for COVID-19 on a weekly basis, or evidence of release in the case of people with COVID- 19 and provided that no more than six months have elapsed from the date of sampling the initial positive diagnosis.
    • Participants of tournaments are still required to present a “Safe Pass”, however in cases where a PCR or rapid test is necessary, this must be within 72 hours.
    • No COVID-19 screening is required in persons under 12 years of age.
    • Golfers are responsible to arrange their own test.
  • In the new guidelines it is specified that the use of a buggy by two (2) persons is permitted, and necessary to wear a protective mask. With mandatory buggies at Aphrodite Hills, we will permit a maximum of 3 buggies per tee time, subject to availability. For safety reasons, a group of 4 golfers with 4 buggies is not permitted at any time.
  • Players of the same household are not required to wear masks while travelling on the same buggy, however the authorities will ask for proof that two players are of the same household, and will be at their discretion whether to accept that proof or not.
  • Another option will be for guests to drop off buggies after the front 9 holes and walk the back 9 holes, if they so wish.  A trolley can be provided.
  • Toilets in the Club House will be open on the upper level of the club house; the toilets in the changing rooms in the Proshop are open; locker facilities can be used on a daily basis, however the showers remain closed.
  • Club House restaurant and Starter Hut are open.


  • ALL play starting from tee 1.
  • Max players/ tee time: 4 players.
  • Players are permitted to share a buggy.
  • We reserve the right to pair up the players into 4 balls.
  • Hire items will be available.
  • Bookings can be made via email, golfreservations@aphroditehills.com , our website www.aphroditehills.com or via phone during working hours +35726828200.


  • Check in will be carried out at the Proshop reception.
  • Bookings can be paid via Administration using the JCC link or upon check-in at the Proshop reception.
  • Buggies will be available.
  • Golf Bags storage is available.


  • Ball washers, rakes will be available on the golf course.
  • EDS cards can be submitted via MyCGF portal.
  • Flags can be left in place or removed at the player’s discretion.
  • The golf course will be fully marked, all rules of golf together with additional local rules will apply.


  • No hugging, no kissing, no shaking hands.
  • During check-in, while teeing off the minimum required distance between persons is 2 meters.
  • We ask that hands are washed and sanitised frequently whilst within the facility.