Please see below for a list of general rules and regulations relating to Aphrodite Hills Golf, Cyprus; Please also familiarise yourself with our Buggy & Driving Rules, Etiquette and Dress Code.


Advance reservations are strongly recommended to ensure access to the golf course. Reservation of tee times is subject to the terms and conditions of each member’s membership agreement. Cancellation of reservations for tee times must be made at least 48 hours in advance.


All members and guests must register at the Golf Pro Shop before commencing to play golf on both the 18-hole golf course and the Academy Course. Members must present their membership cards upon registering as and when requested.

Starting Times

Starting times are at 8 minute intervals. Flights are made up as 4 balls; therefore players booking 2 or 3 balls must expect to be paired up with other players. Please follow the Starter’s and Marshal’s instructions. Spectators or caddies are not permitted to accompany players around the course.

Hours of Play

The hours of play are determined by Management and placed on display in the Golf Pro Shop.

Handicap Certificates

Maximum for men is 28 and for ladies 36. The Starter or Marshal has the right to direct certain players to play from forward tees if deemed to be holding up play. Players who do not have the stipulated level of play may be asked to leave the course, with no refund given. Proof of Handicap is required.


Players may use their own golf clubs or golf clubs rented from Aphrodite Hills Golf. Each player must have their own set of clubs, as sharing is not permitted.

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are not allowed anywhere within the Clubhouse or on the golf course. Spikes can be changed to soft spikes and are available at the Golf Pro Shop. No exception will be made for shoes with non-removable spikes. Tennis shoes and trainers are not considered golf dress. Shoes are also available for hire at the Golf Pro Shop.


Lockers are available in the changing rooms and a deposit is payable at the Pro Shop. In the event of a lost key, the deposit will be non-refundable.

Beginning of Play

All players must check in with the Starter before commencing play.


Each player must have only one ball in play at all times when playing. Please enter and leave bunkers at the nearest level point to the green and rake for following players. Rakes are placed inside the bunker, close to the edge.


Practice is prohibited on any part of the 18-hole golf course and the Academy Course.


All private and members’ tournaments must be approved by Management in advance.

Searching for Balls

Players may search for their own ball but must not cause delays to play searching for other balls. Also, please note that Cyprus is home to many reptiles and players are advised not to search for balls in the deep undergrowth.


The Course Marshals have full authority over the golf course, speed of play, course etiquette and are there for the players’ benefit. The Marshal has the authority to ask players to leave the course if they do not adhere to the rules and those who do not have the stipulated level of play, without refund.


Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times when playing on the 18-hole golf course. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult when accessing the course via buggy.

Range Balls

Range balls cannot be used on the golf courses. Players using range balls on the 18-hole course or the Academy Course will be asked to leave the course with no refund given.

Club Cleaning

Club cleaning will be undertaken by the staff before depositing golf clubs in the client’s car. There is no charge for this service and it is purely discretionary.

Course Closure

The golf course will be deemed closed when the Superintendent, First Assistant to the Superintendent, or Director of Golf officially closes the course because of such reasons as inclement weather, damaged grounds, or tournament events. Alternative golf arrangements thereafter can be made at the Golf Pro Shop.

Aphrodite Hills Golf –  Local Rules

Out of Bounds (Rule 27)

  • Beyond any line of white stakes
  • On or beyond public roads
  • Over any property bounding the course
  • Within the grounds of the Hotel to the right of holes 8 and 9 and the Clubhouse and its surrounding areas
  • Within the maintenance area to the right of holes 10 and 11

Water Hazards (Rule 26)

  • Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes
  • Lateral water hazards are marked with red stakes or red lines. Lateral hazards include areas to the left of the 8th hole and the right of holes 13, 15 and 16


Ground Under Repair (Rule 25)

  • All areas marked by blue stakes or otherwise
  • The ancient kiln on the 1st hole and olive presses on the 8th hole are designated as Ground Under Repair


Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24.2)

  • Irrigation units, including sprinkler heads, control boxes and satellite stations
  • All course furniture including information posts, marker posts (hole 18), bench seats and ball washers
  • All buggy paths


Stones in Bunkers (Rule 24.1)

  • Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions


Integral Parts of the Course (Rule 28)

  • All property walls surrounding the golf course
  • The stone walls at holes 5, 11 and 15
  • Any rock faces, natural or man-made


Protection of Young Trees and Shrubs (Rule 24.2)

  • Staked and specifically tagged trees and shrubs
  • All newly-planted trees under one club length in height

Penalty for breach of local rules: Match Play – Loss of Hole, Stroke Play – 2 Strokes

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