Wellness! The new way of Life!

Our vision is to make wellness accessible to everyone. We want to offer unique experiences to more and more people around the world who are seeking healing for their bodies, upliftment for their souls, meaningful relaxation, and health.

We want to be there, by their side, wherever they are, to welcome them as our most precious guests and with care to introduce them to the true world of wellness through personalized services and products inspired by the whole Aegeo Spas family with love!

Aegeo Spas Wellness Team!


Our company

In some of the world’s most exceptional locations, we transform spa centres into unique wellness retreats, each time transforming the authentic features of the location and hotels into innovative wellness ideas & concepts.

Aegeo Spas, the largest Greek company managing wellness centres in 4*, 5* Resort, Villas, Boutique, City Hotels, Mountain Resort, with more than 15 years of experience and more than 300 spas in Greece, Cyprus Bulgaria, with 1,500 management staff and therapists, comes with passion and expertise to offer high quality wellness services at Retreat Spa in Aphrodite Hills Resort.

In the heart of the Mediterranean with a vision to complete the magic of the Resort and to enchant its guests even more, contributing to their total relaxation and happiness!


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