Real Madrid Foundation and Be Free Football


Kick off day with the famous training clinics


Monday, July 3rd, marks the first day of the highly anticipated Real Madrid Foundation Clinics in collaboration with Aphrodite Hills Resort and Be Free Football.

The young football players arrived in their designated uniforms at “Michalis Kyprianou Stadium” at Geroskipou and were anxious and excited to listen to the valuable instructions given by their coach.

After the completion of the morning sessions, Aphrodite Hills Resort Team as well as Atlantica Group, welcomed to Cyprus both Real Madrid Foundation and Be Free Football, during a small ceremony.

Mayor of Geroskipou, Mr Kyriacos Hatzivasilis, members of the Geroskipou Municipal Council, media representatives as well as Michalis Kyprianou’s family members, also attended the opening ceremony.

Aphrodite Hills Resort General Manager Mr Andreas Chrysostomou stated: “These sports initiatives have been part of our culture and who we really are. For many years we have been collaborating with major and international brands and outstanding sports happenings not only in terms of football but also in golf, cycling, tennis, basketball thus enriching the tourist product offered in Cyprus as well as enhancing the quality of the services we offer as a group”, and he added “Sports build beautiful personalities, and it’s our duty to create beautiful sports for our children”.

Mr Chrysostomou continued “The Real Madrid Foundation Clinics have been embraced by the locals as well as our guests, confirming their need for quality offerings. Guests, visitors, and travellers in general, have redefined their demands and have significantly reevaluated their needs. As representatives of the Tourism Sector, we must be prepared to meet the high expectations of our visitors and contribute towards the creation of a quality product which not only promotes the high-end offerings of Aphrodite Hills Resort and Atlantica Group, but it also promotes and showcases the quality of Cyprus offerings in general”.

Mr. Andrew Darker, Director of Sports at Aphrodite Hills Resort, also welcomed the young and talented athletes on the pitch and handed out their participation diplomas.

The Real Madrid Foundation Clinics will continue until the 11th of August. The training sessions will be taking place daily, in 3 separate time slots, accommodating 3 different age groups. Registrations are still open and various slots are available.

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