Sustainable Golf Week

The Aphrodite Hills PGA National Cyprus and GEO Certified Golf Course, located in an exquisite natural setting of indigenous olive and carob trees, is proud to be part of the ‘Sustainable Golf Week’.

We will take this opportunity to spotlight our sustainability achievements and raise awareness about the huge influence that the game of golf has in making a difference when it comes to fostering nature, conserving resources, strengthening communities and taking climate action.

Throughout the sustainability week, we will be informing the community of our actions and support by sharing some of our main sustainable highlights, which include the following:

  • Community Actions such as charity donations, encouraging local juniors to embark on the golf journey, the golf team’s efforts to support the environment, periodical Resort and Golf Club clean-ups.
  • Fostering Nature by creating bird boxes from recycled material and placing them around the golf course, turf reduction, dispersing grass cuttings to feed the soil and reduce waste, pollution prevention, maintaining the natural landscape, the harvest of olive and carob trees.
  • Conserving Resources through recycling (PMD, paper, plastic and glass), irrigation upgrade to avoid water waste, creating a golf corridor with minimal irrigation, switching to paper shopping bags from plastic, installing an electric car charging station.

Continuing on our road to create awareness and to set an example for other golf courses, we will also take action and focus on the 6th – 9th October 2022; such as displaying daily board signs with sustainability quests, choosing suppliers that support local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint by using EU Ecolabel and recycled paper for signage and much more.

Aphrodite Hills PGA National Cyprus, aims to bring a stronger collective focus to the issues, as well as building ever greater energy and momentum to the contribution golf makes in becoming a global-leading sport in sustainability and climate action.

Every effort that we make goes towards implementing environmental measures concerning the maintenance of the golf course, which inevitably will benefit the environment and the game in the long-term. Our aim is to maintain its consistent high quality, in more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways.

The environmental consciousness of our multi-skilled Golf Team has always been top priority. We also dedicate time and resources into youth golf, with the aim of encouraging a new generation to try the sport. Our biggest game is the ‘environment’, and this has become our Team’s culture.


GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf

Founded 16 years ago, ‘GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf’, is an international non-profit organisation set-up to help, reward, support and inspire credible sustainable actions taken within golf. The only organisation in the world entirely dedicated to this mission, GEO Foundation, continues to work with hundreds of golf courses and tournaments around the world, as well as the United Nations, international and national governing bodies, professional tours, leading players and commercial partners.

The first ever Sustainable Golf Week is taking place from the 3rd – 9th October 2022, hosted by GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf with its partners and collaborators globally to reflect, celebrate and accelerate industry efforts to build a greener future for the game.

Under its #DrivingTheGreen theme across several mainstream and social media initiatives, Sustainable Golf Week will champion the work of leaders across the golf industry with inspirational examples and ideas on the practical steps that everyone involved in the sport can make to move the green agenda forward.