10+1 reasons why I love Aphrodite Hills Resort

George Misirlis, CEO of Aphrodite Hills Resort


  1. For the magical sunset…like no other

I traveled all around the world and I have concluded that watching the sunset from the beautiful Aphrodite Hills Resort is the most stunning and mesmerizing of all I have seen so far. There are so many magnificent spots around these 234 hectares of land from where any visitor can enjoy the spectacular colors of Cyprus’ sunset.

  1. For the new developments… the sense of progress

From initial design of the masterplan and golf course back in 1995, we have successfully reached 2020 with more than 750 properties which have been created and sold to investors from all over the world. We managed to create a picturesque city on a beautiful hill opposite Aphrodite’s Rock, the place where the goddess of beauty was born. New stunning projects are now available for sale and more are on the way.

  1. For the feeling of tranquility

It is an absolute pleasure planning a small getaway in one of Holiday Residences villas or apartments as well as the Aphrodite Hills Hotel by Atlantica. This is the most intimate, relaxing, low-key escape and experience of the comfort and unrivalled, personalized service in our holiday properties and facilities.

  1. For the calmness of the sea view

Our properties, our facilities and our offices are located within sprawling gorgeous space, show-stopping views, be they beautifully landscaped gardens or jaw-dropping rugged panoramic coastline. Our environmental policies take advantage of the natural sea breezes and solar power, both of which are plentiful in Cyprus.

  1. For the Gastronomic journey

There is an exquisite sense of culinary flair that is ingrained in the food here. With highly acclaimed restaurants (Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Asian) and bars available, the journey from garden to plate makes every dish served, a contemporary coming together of local and ethnic flavors, an extraordinary taste experience.

  1. For the peace of mind

Working with the most efficient Property Management Team, offers a peace of mind during our everyday tasks. There is always someone on hand to proactively take care of homeowner’s needs as well as the Resort’s needs before they even arise. The shops, supermarket, pharmacy and medical centre in the heart of the Village Square offer additional peace of mind.

  1. For the greenery that surrounds us

The awarded and certified PGA National Cyprus, Golf Course is literally on our doorstep. In addition, most of the land is pure indigenous plantation, greenery, and landscaping. Around 4000 carob trees and approximately 2000 olive trees can be found around the Resort.

  1. For the challenging sports activities

Aphrodite Hills Resort has become a sought-after sports destination for horse riders, football teams, cyclists, tennis players, runners as well as swimmers. Having a tennis background my-self, I just cannot resist the 9 championship tennis courts here as well as the first and only padel tennis courts in Cyprus.

  1. For the traditional architecture and the cultural identity

The natural landscape is conserved using hedges for plot subdivisions and preservation of existing site features, including limekilns, stone walls, scree slopes and rock outcrops. The exterior aesthetic of the Resort’s development is magically combined with dramatic sea views.

  1. For the tranquil haven from the hustle and bustle of the world

There is an immense sense of calm the moment one sets foot in The Retreat Spa by Atlantica at Aphrodite Hills Resort, much like entering a temple. The 27 treatment rooms and a plethora of pampering possibilities are sure to tantalize and delight the senses.

  1. For the feeling of accomplishment

Back in the 80’s, the Resort begun as a vision, to be the best golf resort in the entire Europe. Aphrodite Hills Resort was voted and awarded as the “European Golf Resort of the Year 2018” and is home to the “European Golf Course of the Year 2018-2019”. Proud and blessed to be part of this major accomplishment, the realization of a vision.

The vision continues and expands. Join us to see how dreams come true!