Hot Weather, Cool Garden: The smart way to do it!

Cyprus has been experiencing a heatwave in the past few days with Monday 28th June being one of the hottest days of the year. The Cypriot authorities have issued a yellow warning for extreme heat with maximum temperatures expected to reach 41 degrees Celsius. Lots of advice about how to protect ourselves and our pets has been given, but how do we protect our garden from these extremely high temperatures?

The rise of the thermometer in the past few days have caught many gardeners by surprise, causing struggling transplants to wilt just when they should be starting their summer growth spurt. Even well-established garden plants and landscape shrubs can be set back during a heat wave. The simple answer of how your garden can beat the heat is.. water!

During a heatwave, the need for water conservation is heightened. Experts suggest that it is better to water your garden very early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, since during the middle of the day the heat can dry surface soil very quickly and can prevent the water from getting to the roots of your plants.

Watering your garden consistently and at specific times is not easy however, especially when you have a busy daily schedule with multiple responsibilities and priorities. There is a Smart Watering solution though that can keep your hands free and put your mind to rest when it comes to the hydration of your garden, also known as ‘Smart Irrigation’.

The Smart Way to Water Your Garden

Smart Irrigation systems link to the home or office WiFi and can be remotely controlled with a smart device. This means that you no longer have to remember to turn the sprinkler system on or off before leaving home in the morning or when returning home in the evening. And the best part? Upgrading to a smart irrigation system will not only maintain your lawn and keep it beautiful and green, but it may also control your water usage and be financially beneficial.

The Technology in detail

For those wondering how exactly it is that these systems work, the answer is simple. Evapotranspiration controllers (weather-based sensors) use local weather data to regulate sprinkler run times. These types of sensors either access publicly available local weather data via WiFi or take on-site weather measurements. Temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity readings are then used to calculate watering needs.

In some cases, soil-moisture technology uses probes or sensors inserted into your garden to measure actual soil moisture levels. Depending upon the type of sensor installed, these systems can either suspend the next watering cycle when readings indicate sufficient soil moisture or can be set as an on-demand system. The latter type of sensor reads both upper and lower moisture thresholds and the controller will automatically turn on the sprinklers to maintain water levels between the two readings.

Work with Aphrodite Hills Property Management professionals

Homeowners at Aphrodite Hills Resort have found that having a programmable irrigation system allows them to set a timer which automatically turns lawn sprinklers on and off. Many homeowners who were concerned about how to keep their garden alive and refreshed during these hot Summer months have worked with Aphrodite Hills Property Management and have upgraded to a Smart Irrigation Technology that has given them complete peace of mind. They have thoroughly enjoyed being able to monitor either local weather conditions or the actual ground moisture level, even when they are not in Cyprus!

The Garden and Landscaping department of Aphrodite Hills Property Management can support you when it comes to your garden. Even if you already have a watering system in place, you can still install a smart irrigation technology on existing underground systems by swapping out the current controller for a smart one. If you want to go that step further you can even add on the weather or moisture-based sensors which can be used with existing controllers and systems, thus save you the cost of purchasing a brand-new controller.

For more information on how you can give your garden new life this Summer by using proven irrigation science and market leading technology, please email or telephone +357 26 828002.