Live Happy in Cyprus

One of the SAFEST COUNTRIES in the World


Cyprus ranks in the top 100 countries of the World Happiness Report. It is no wonder, therefore, that this small Mediterranean island is a favorite destination for both tourists and those seeking to make their home on its sandy shores. We look at some of the reasons why residents of Cyprus are among the cheeriest in the world.

Cyprus has well proven its resilience as well and its crisis handling ability to adapt to situations (covid-19) and this an amazing sense of security offered by Cyprus Government to its residents.


Living near the Sea Makes You Happy

Researchers have discovered that living near a large body of water does, in fact, make us happier and more relaxed. The discovery came about after data analysis showed that people living with an expansive view of so-called ‘blue space’ demonstrated better physical and emotional wellbeing in their lives. This is hardly a new discovery; after all, doctors in the Victorian era would often prescribe ‘sea air’ as a cure for all sorts of health conditions. There is just something about the immeasurable sense of calm that the deep blue of the sea elicits, offering modern-day, overstressed, and overworked humans a rare moment of solitude and decompression. With 63 Blue Flag beaches and the lapping of the waves practically at your front doorstep, there is no better place to truly experience the healing qualities of the sea than in Cyprus. And with a seemingly endless summertime and an abundance of beach days in the calendar, year-round happiness is practically inevitable.


Warmer Climates Make You Friendlier

Studies have shown that people who live in warmer climates are more sociable, extroverted, and open-minded. This is largely since mild temperatures encourage individuals to explore the outside environment, engage in outdoor activities, meet with friends, and take advantage of their external surroundings. In this comfortable setting, people feel more psychologically secure, and as a result, are generally friendlier. Since exploring and being adventurous has a positive impact on your personality and temperament, it is only natural that residents of Cyprus, an island with 365 days of sunshine, would share this same sunny personality. With a plethora of outdoor activities to indulge in, from nature walks and cycling trails in the mountains, to water sports and other beach-related activities, there is no limit on the many ways living in Cyprus can put a smile on your face.



Being an EU Citizen

The European Union has always strived to provide its citizens with the best quality of life, from health care, to employment opportunities and education. Additionally, the EU remains a dynamic cultural and economic global powerhouse, with an internal single market that is open to more than 500 million citizens and residents.

Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of life as an EU Citizen:

1.    Healthcare

EU citizens automatically have the right to medical treatment in any EU country, and a European Health Insurance Card is free of charge for any EU citizen. Carry it with you when you travel, and you will be entitled to the same healthcare as insured local people in whichever EU country you are in.

2.    Education

An EU citizenship could allow you to attend school or university within the EU for no fee, or at the same low fees as local nationals. There are more than 1300 institutions providing high-quality education programs in the EU, including in Cyprus, all available to all EU citizens.

3.    Travel

As an EU citizen, you will find that travel is much easier, and cheaper too. You will be able to fast track through customs and enjoy visa-free travel anywhere within the EU. As a bonus, travelers can also take advantage of benefits enjoyed by all EU citizens, including compensation for delayed flights.

4.    Career Opportunities

European employers seek out mobile, culturally aware, bilingual professionals with experience in international settings, while business owners can also benefit from the single economic EU zone without facing the same restrictions applied to non-EU citizens.

5.    Heritage

Some EU countries, such as Cyprus, allow citizenship to be automatically transferred to new family members with no need for additional paperwork or applications, thus opening a world of opportunities to your children and grandchildren.



Investment scheme – Citizenship

The Cyprus Council of Ministers has approved the Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by Exception. The scheme is in line with the strategy of the Cyprus Government to further attract foreign direct investment and encourage the use of Cyprus by high net worth individuals. Aphrodite Hills Resort Real Estate can provide professional advice on how to obtain European Citizenship with a property investment in Cyprus.


So, as Albert Einstein once said:

“if you want a happy life…tie it to a goal”.