Our take on Villa Holidays, the hot travel trend for 2021 and Beyond

It is widely known that the pandemic has hit the Tourism Industry particularly hard in the year and it seems that the Industry will continue to suffer in the following months. Many people skipped their annual vacation in 2020 and most of us are wondering when they will be able to travel again.

When will we be able to travel again?’ isn’t the only question that arises, however. Safety and Security have now become the main concern and priority, with people wondering ‘How will we travel safely?’, ‘Which are the safest countries to go to?’, ‘What accommodation is the safest to opt for?’.

The need to travel is still there

It appears that the prolonged periods of lockdown have continued to increase people’s sense of adventure and their search for escapism, and it is expected that many will have a stronger desire to travel in 2021 and 2022. Even those who did not travel every year need a getaway – ‘a rest’ from what is happening in the world.

Article ‘What will travel look like in a post-Covid world?’ mentions that the rise of the ‘Conscious Traveller’ is to be expected, meaning that travellers will be far more discerning about the journeys they go on and they will definitely become ‘pickier’ about the type of holiday accommodation they wish to book. However, they may just become more willing and able to be away from home for longer (thanks to remote working) and hopefully will become much more appreciative of their surroundings, nature, the outdoors, and local people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to ‘rethink Travel’. It is predicted that travelers will be looking to minimise the number of tourists they meet and will want to find space from crowds in beautiful natural environments. The new holiday checklist includes: ‘Private accommodation’, ‘Surrounded by nature’, ‘Private Pool’ and ‘Quiet area’ all things that a Holiday Home/Villa Rental can offer.

This doesn’t come as a surprise for Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences as this type of holidaying was a ‘thing’ long before it became a post COVID-19 trend. Most of the holiday enquiries coming to us involve travelers looking for accommodation that offers privacy and safety, strict cleanliness measures, private swimming pools and more space that is exclusively used by themselves and their travel companions. In other words, Villa Holidays will be high on the agenda in 2021 and beyond.

With private accommodation being the way forward and the safest way of vacationing post COVID-19, Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences is feeling very hopeful. The reason is because it precisely offers that!

Accommodation Just for You

Holiday Home & Villa Rentals are becoming more popular as travelers are realising that this way you have your own facility with total control of who is in it, your own pool, a private kitchen and … a deep sense of relaxation.

With many available Holiday Villas found in the middle of a rural paradise at Aphrodite Hills, there are no compromises when it comes to your relaxation and your peaceful holiday. Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences offers a selection of secluded detached properties (on a separate plot) meaning that you will be guaranteed privacy and peace throughout your holiday.

COVID-safe Holiday Activities

Once on holiday, guests may want to go outdoors and get active, but will still want to stay safe and keep a safe distance from strangers. When staying at Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences, you can enjoy an array of fun, on-Resort activities that are ‘COVID-safe’. These include playing a round of Golf on the PGA National Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, enjoying a game of tennis or Padel tennis at the Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy or going Horse Riding in the stunningly beautiful hills of Aphrodite. Other options include hiring a bicycle from the Resort Cycling Shop or exploring the Resort’s nature trails. The on-Resort Supermarket, Bakery is always available for those who wish to go shopping.

Villa ‘Workcations’

During lock-down many have been working from home, meaning that in fact they can work from anywhere in the world. Guests booking a Villa and combining work with travel has also become a bit of a trend and it means they get to settle themselves for longer periods of time in a certain place. The concept “working from home” becomes more exciting.

Disinfection and Cleaning Protocols:

At the start of the pandemic the World Health Organisation called on all Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Managers to review their existing health & safety measures and implement new procedures and practices that would prevent the spread of COVID-19. Aphrodite Hills Resort proudly holds the High Level COVID-SHIELD Certification and currently implements all precautionary procedures and appropriate practices on a daily basis. Furthermore, Holiday Residences guests can rest assured that their booked Villa and swimming pools are cleaned, disinfected, and ventilated before every arrival. For more details about the COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols can be found here.

Flexi-Booking Options:

Following the turbulent changes in air corridors, and many travelers losing their holidays in the past year, people will be looking for the reassurance that their booking will be protected if policies or restrictions change. At Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences we know how frustrating it can be when travel plans may get cancelled due to unexpected situations. Therefore a Flexi-Booking Plan is in place for guests to book with confidence and ease.

It is clear that Hoteliers and Tourist Establishments will have many obstacles and challenges to overcome when it comes to travel, but with patience, attention to detail and confidence about our product, Aphrodite Hills Resort is looking forward to welcoming back its guests and aims to keep them safe and ensure they still have an amazing holiday in 2021 and beyond.

The greatest luxury of all…to be free!