Why Invest in Aphrodite Hills Resort?


After many centuries of history, it is regarded as a universal truth that the wisest, most sound investment known to man has always been and will always be real estate.


Whether it is a tract of land or a building, or both, real estate despite the ups and downs of politics and vagaries of the economic marketplace can be counted on to return or increase its value over time. The value of precious metals rises and falls—and if the world market ever abandons the gold standard (remember, it used to be the seashell standard!) then that shiny metal will be worthless. The whimsical fluctuations of the stock market can turn a millionaire into a pauper in less than an hour. Government bonds are only as good as the presiding government, which can change overnight.


Home Investment

Real estate, however, will always possess intrinsic value because until we start colonizing the moon or some other planet, there is only so much of it available on this globe. One might be tempted to think, after viewing satellite images of the earth or flying over it in an airplane, that there is still plenty of empty real estate to be had and probably at very low prices. But if that land is not easily accessible by highway or sea route, if it is not near major cities and centers of modern civilization, if it doesn’t have qualities that will be attractive to visitors and potential residents alike, it may still qualify as less risky than other financial instruments, but it doesn’t meet the criteria that guarantees a successful investment: location.


The Location

Aphrodite Hills Resort, on the southern coast of Cyprus, halfway between two of the country’s most vital cities (Limassol and Paphos), accessible by air, road and sea, easily reachable from all the great cities of Europe and the Middle East, and boasting the finest Golf Course in the Mediterranean, top class restaurants and numerous other tourist-friendly amenities, more than meets the criteria stated above. It exceeds it many times over.


 Who Would Live in a House at Aphrodite Hills Resort

At a certain point in life, many of us long to quit the hustle and bustle of the city for a more tranquil, stress-less existence where we can concentrate on living each day to the fullest and indulge in our private passions, be they athletic activities such as golf, hiking, water sports or tennis or such leisure pastimes as reading, study or spiritual exercises. Aphrodite Hills Resort provides the ideal environment for such.

Then there are those who are seeking a holiday home away from home to use during school or vacation breaks. Again, Aphrodite Hills Resort is the perfect solution.

Clients purchasing a home at the Resort can also earn long- or short-term rental income through Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences Rental Scheme whilst the Property Management Team diligently maintains the premises.

The five-star Resort can provide every amenity to guarantee a relaxed, high quality way of life. A medical centre, supermarket, pharmacy, chapel sports facilities, various shops and restaurants ensure that all your needs are met on site.


What is the Local Area Like?

The city of Paphos is a vibrant cultural hub visited annually by thousands of tourists from every corner of the globe. Its 12 beaches are consistently awarded Blue Flag certification by the EU, but the town has evolved into much more than a destination for lovers of sun and sand. Through the implementation of a sustainable tourism strategy Paphos has diversified its myriad offerings and substantially eliminated the effects of seasonality. From its extensive roster of cultural and natural treasures, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List, to its unique biodiversity offerings that feature activities such as bird watching, rock climbing and hiking, visitors to Paphos, are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring what this remarkable city can provide.


 Safest Place to Live

According to recent ValuePenguin research, which analyzed more than 100 nations, Cyprus (at 5th place) is one of the safest countries in the world. More impressive, amongst countries with a population of less than five million, Cyprus is the Number 1 safest place to live and visit. In addition, the Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review has ranked Cyprus as the 5th best relocation destination out of 23 countries in the world (far ahead of London, Madrid and Monaco).


 Investment Scheme—Citizenship

The Cyprus Council of Ministers has approved the Scheme for Citizenship by Investment. The Aphrodite Hills Real Estate offices provide professional advice on how to obtain European Citizenship through property investment in Cyprus.



By: Matthew Stowell