Your Property, Our Responsibility

Aphrodite Hills Property Management raises the level of a real estate investment, as it was created to meet a basic need of homeowners: taking care of their property during their absence and during their stay.


With Care

The highly reputable Aphrodite Hills Real Estate has a prominent position on the global real estate market map, offering a selective collection of stunning Villas and Apartments. Home buyers who make a purchase for either residential or investment purposes can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible return on their investment, thanks to Aphrodite Hills Property Management. The Property Management team is committed to going above and beyond in order to fulfill homeowners’ wishes and take care of all their property concerns to the highest of standards.

The Property Management personnel are well equipped to handle even the minutest of details, allowing homeowners to feel safe in the knowledge that their property is taken care of, no matter where they happen to be. With a dedicated team of professionals, Aphrodite Hills Property Management ensures that there is always someone on hand to assist the residents, proactively taking care of their needs before they even arise.

Feel Safe at Home

With 24-Hour Security Service, homeowners can sleep easy knowing that their property is properly secured with top of the line home security systems. Aphrodite Hills Property Management takes the safety of its residents very seriously, and offers an Alarm System that connects each property to the Aphrodite Hills Security Control Room. This is monitored 24/7, and the minute an alarm is sounded, a signal is transmitted to the main office and an operator will respond within seconds. An on-site security team will then immediately make their way to the property to check for disturbances or threats.

Stress-Free Home Ownership

Maintaining a home can be an overwhelming experience, especially for residents who travel frequently and are unable to see to those cumbersome day-to-day tasks. This is where Aphrodite Hills Property Management steps in.

With General Maintenance Services, residents will find themselves exempt from the hassle of keeping up with their home’s regular wear and tear. The General Maintenance team will look after property renovations – both interior and exterior – as well as a host of other building care services, including plumbing, electrical repairs, air conditioning and heating maintenance, and much more.

Taking the work out of paperwork, Aphrodite Hills Property Management also offers Administration Services, providing support for property owners with inventory checks, monthly inspections, Reception and Key services, as well as payment of all utility and municipal bills.

Homeowners can also take advantage of Housekeeping and Maid Services as well as Pool and Garden Maintenance, and feel safe in the knowledge that their property remains in tip-top shape, year-round. Housekeeping services covers a broad range of cleaning duties, from sweeping and washing floors and thorough vacuuming, to removal of used linen and towels and cleaning of windows and shutters. Pool maintenance is carried out twice a week in the summer months, and once a week during the winter, and includes cleaning the pool walls and floor, and inspection of all equipment as well as water quality levels.

Finally, to ensure maximum peace of mind, the Property Management Team also offers tailored solutions that suit each resident’s individual needs. These can range from pest control and home insurance, to water cleaning services and the provision of wireless internet services, accommodating each and every homeowner’s requirements in the best way possible.