• Soft & Hard Landscaping: design, construction, renovation
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Irrigation Systems

If you would like to create a new garden, upgrade your existing one or make sure that your garden always looks fabulous throughout the year, then look no further. For new gardens, our highly skilled, professional Gardening Team will discuss your requirements and provide you with a selection of ideas to choose from. Then, the Maintenance Service Team will make sure that your garden always remains in top condition throughout the year. Various Garden Maintenance Packages available depending on the type of property and garden, with environmentally friendly products upon request.

The Department shows, especially in the last few years, a strong and dominant presence over the entire Resort, managing more than 200 gardens at Aphrodite Hills. Qualified and certified Environmental & Landscaping Architects and Horticulturalists offer a wide range of environmental services, environmental advice, hard and soft landscaping (earthworks, water features, renovations, 3D designs etc.), proposals and private garden maintenance. The reflection of our daily efforts and the commitment and consistency we have shown over the years is clearly visible; with the excellent personal and professional relationships we have with property owners, as well as the results of our services which are consistently maintained according to the quality and the high standards we wish to meet.