Our Pool Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance Service aims to keep your swimming pool in immaculate condition. The service carried out twice a week between May – September and once a week between October – April, is as follows:

  • Cleaning of pool walls and floor
  • Checking of pump, pump filter, skimmers and water levels
  • Maintenance of correct pH balance and cleanliness levels
  • Vacuuming of pool floor and cleaning of pool surface
  • Cleaning of pump house

Note: The Cleaning Service includes the supply of chemicals and the Equipment Maintenance includes replacement of seal, bearings, impeller, filter sand, plant broom fittings and valve seals.

Pool Renovation: insulation, finish, repairs

Pool Covers

7 reasons to have a pool cover:

  • Up to 70% reduction of operating costs – an excellent return on your investment, saving heat, electricity, water and extending equipment life.
  • Preserves heat – dramatically reduce heating costs and double your swimming season
  • A pool cover is required for all heated pools.
  • Save water – by reducing evaporation; cuts water loss by 80%.
  • A pool cover acts as a horizontal fence for your pool, preventing unwanted access by children, pets and uninvited visitors.
  • Electricity bills can be reduced with up to a 50% saving by minimising your pool operating hours. Your pool can be switched off during the winter time.
  • With a pool cover, you keep the heat in and dirt and debris out. Heaters and other pool equipment works less and lasts longer.