The true essence of Aphrodite Hills in the pages of the Resort’s Magazine

People love magazines. They’re personal, visually appealing, offer a unique voice and address subjects of individual interest. This is exactly why magazines can play an extremely vital role in the business industry, even today, in times where the decay of print media is becoming unstoppable.

Printed magazines can be a powerful way for businesses to showcase their products and services. They are also a great tool which creates a ‘physical’ connection between a business and its target audience, with the use of eye-catching images and intriguing content, that can be placed right in the hands of your potential customer.

The annual Aphrodite Hills Resort Magazine has been out for over a month now, both in Print and Digital version and it has been gaining more views day by day.

So far, we have had very good feedback about the content of the magazine, including positive comments about the topics of the articles and interviews, but also the quality of the photography and the layout structure.

This issue is a particularly important one, as it arrives just after the Resort introduced a new branding image during Winter 2018 and it truly encompasses the new ‘look and feel’ of Aphrodite Hills Resort.

The magazine articles are accompanied by new, raw, non-edited photographs that were captured in summer 2018 during a unique photoshoot that took place in different locations of the Resort. The photographs portray a variety of experiences of a couple, a family and a group of friends who are leisurely spending their time in and around the Resort. In fact, the photographs turned out to be so inspiring and visually stunning, truly bringing the Resort to life, hence why it was decided to utilise them without retouching them or making any edits before being release to the public.

Aphrodite Hills Resort is The Destination of All Senses – providing a unique sense of living.

In the words of the CEO, Mr. Misirlis, the third magazine issue introduces a new slogan that encapsulates the essence of the Aphrodite Hills Resort but also exactly what the Resort has to offer to its passing guests and visitors. Mr. Misirlis explains that the new slogan, or otherwise motto, beautifully describes how ‘Aphrodite Hills has become a place where feelings and senses are awakened’.

Looking through the glossy pages of the new magazine, the reader will get a strong feeling of what our Resort represents, a place full of experiences and moments.. Perfect Moments.

The articles provide information about recent efforts to upgrade the Holiday Experience, Home improvement & Renovations,  the Poseidon Grand Villas Project, how to live happy in Cyprus, the rituals of a Cypriot Wedding, the Aphrodite Springs Resort (a new project under study), Carbo One Cup Tennis Europe and even the General Data Protection Regulations and the key changes they bring.

We therefore invite you to embark on a journey through the pages of our beautiful Magazine and discover more about this Destination of all Senses.


FREE hard copies of the 2019 Aphrodite Hills Magazine can be picked up at key locations throughout the Aphrodite Hills Resort.



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*Thank you to Workshop Creative, Cyprinters Ltd, Editors Rachel Chrysostom, Eleni Hoplaros & Domina Solonos for their hard work and efforts to bring this masterpiece to life and showcase the award-winning Aphrodite Hills Resort brand.