The Art of Bleisure – Combine Business with Pleasure at Aphrodite Hills Resort

Before COVID-19 the term ‘remote worker’ was not a term many were familiar with, or a concept people fully understood.  However, during the pandemic, ‘working from home’ became the new norm for a large cohort of people, even those who had spent their entire careers in an office.

Now working from different locations, is a real possibility and has inspired many more people to adopt a nomadic working life. In fact, according to ‘The Guardian, 2020’ there has been a ‘rise of the ‘half-tourist’, in other words the person who wants to combine his work with a change of scene. ‘The Guardian’ also mentions that many traditional travel companies which, pre-pandemic, catered solely to tourists are now courting the expanding remote worker market.

In one of our previous articles we touched on the ‘hot travel trends for 2021 and beyond’ with one of them being ‘Villa ‘Workcations’ and the exciting concept of  working from anywhere in the world now. During COVID-19 Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences received many enquiries with regards to booking a Villa or Apartment for a longer period of time in order to combine business with leisure. We call this type of vacation a ‘BLEISURE’ Vacation, which according to ‘The Telegraph’ is when travellers mix their business trips with leisure time.

Successfully combining business and leisure is an Art and at Aphrodite Hills Holiday Residences we show you how to do it. Here are the top 3 locations we recommend you work from:

Your booked Villa or Apartment:

At our private and spacious Villas and Apartments, you can enjoy peace and tranquility, with a ‘home away from home’ feeling, that enables you to peacefully work and rest without any interruptions.

Many of our properties have rooms with small desks, or even offices which you can use as your working station while you are here. All of the Holiday Residences properties offer speedy WiFi, fully air-conditioned rooms and an array of options when it comes to views including the PGA National Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, Sea views, Garden views, or views of the pool.

The Holiday Residences Guest Lounge

The Holiday Residences Guest Lounge also offers a very nice working environment for those who fancy a change. It offers a cosy and tranquil atmosphere, with earthy colours, tones and soft lighting and views of the magnificent 18th hole of the PGA National Aphrodite Hills Golf Course. When working from the outdoor terrace. Tea & Coffee facilities are also available with our compliments.

The Golf Clubhouse

Last but not least, for those who want to start their working day in the morning with a delicious breakfast or enjoy a tasty snack during their lunch break,  why not move your laptop over to the Golf Clubhouse and continue work from there? At 5 o’ clock, you can even close the day with a refreshing cocktail and views of the PGA National Aphrodite Hills Golf Course.