Your home is one of your most valuable assets and is of great sentimental value, therefore the building and its contents should have the best possible insurance cover. Aphrodite Hills Property Management & CNP Insurance provide you with protection for your home. A special product designed specifically for Owners of holiday homes at Aphrodite Hills Resort, including your landscaping.

CNP Insurance in cooperation with Aphrodite Hills Property Management, can meet your insurance needs and protect your home from a series of perils through a comprehensive Home Insurance Package, tailor-made for the residents of Aphrodite Hills. We can provide more than 30 different covers against risks threatening your home, at exclusive rates including landscaping and pet cover.

The Home Insurance Package covers your specialized insurance needs, either as an Owner or as a Tenant, thus safeguarding your property. The cost of insurance is controlled by you, as the premium can be kept in line with your financial capabilities depending on the cover you have selected.